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The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel – 378 Photos & 537 …

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My boyfriend and I booked a last minute trip to NYC through Expedia (included flight and hotel). My boyfriend was the one who booked everything, but if I had been the one to do the booking, I definitely would not have picked this hotel, based on the reviews alone. The days up to the trip, I lost sleep because of the reviews/pictures I read on here and Facebook lol Now that the trip is over, and I lasted the 7 days, here are my thoughts. Compared to some of the pictures, our room was not that bad. We were on the 15th floor, had a king sized bed, working TV, cleanish bathroom, and air conditioning. Everything definitely needs to be renovated though. The one thing that bothered me the most was that the room smelled musty. And every time the air conditioning was on, the dusty smell got worse. My brother-in-law also drove into NYC and stayed at the hotel and his room (on the 17th floor) was similar to my mine but much cleaner and actually smelled good. Jealous! What I did like was that housekeeping cleaned everyday and I never really saw any stains on the sheets/towels. Since I booked through Expedia, staying in Times Square for a week in that room was worth it to me, but if I had booked through the website, paid like $200 a night, and got my room, I would be super pissed. Would I stay here again? Definitely not. It’s a gamble staying here. You never know if you’re going to end up with a nice room or a disgusting room. My room was just a-okay. Also, I learned that I never want to stay in Times Square. Even though the hotel is close to everything, it’s too touristy, crowded, and expensive. It’s just overrated. Stay outside of the area and take the subway like a real New Yorker!

The pictures are NOT what the hotel rooms look like! Went here with my family that flew from out of state and we drove up to New York for vacation! We get to the hotel, the outside is beautiful and in the lobby But upon entering the room it is severely outdated and when I mean outdated I mean 60s-70s! The wallpaper is a dark yellow that is peeling in the bathroom and also had black mold growing, the air conditioner didn’t work and was stuck on 80!, the room door wouldn’t lock except for the room key lock, smoke detector was dark yellow and from the ancient times, went down to get breakfast didn’t have fruit that I asked for and staff was rude. The bell hop tried to take my baby in her car seat up as “luggage” just to get a TIP….. parking garage tried to charge me a $20 FEE to pay with cash! NO THANKS STAY FAR AWAY

This hotel was a HUGE disappointment. We booked thought but I made sure to look at the pictures on that and the hotel website. They do not match what we stayed in AT ALL. I think they renovated the lobby and one room for pictures and that was all. When we checked in, we were told that they had an issue and we were going to have to switch rooms the next day. We were only there for 2 nights! That meant, we would have to get all of our stuff packed up and out of the room at noon but the new room wouldn’t be ready until 3pm so we had nowhere to live for 3 hours. Luckily, the manager stepped in and made it right but our happiness faded very quickly when we walked in our room. It was just gross and old and a mess. The linens looked clean which was refreshing but that was all. The sink and the bathtub didn’t drain properly. everything just looked dingy. On our last morning there, housekeeping knocked on our door three separate times (I’m assuming to speed us up) and one time, they even opened the door and threw a bill in for “Facility Fees”! There are no facilities. OK, there’s a gym that apparently costs you almost $40 a day to use even if you don’t step foot in it. What was refreshing for me was to know that we weren’t alone in how we felt. Each time we got in the elevator, the people in there with us were all talking about how horrible it was. I know for New York City, it’s a pretty good price so I can see why people would go that route, just know you’re not going to be thrilled. I’m NEVER going back.Response to Abel C., Business ManagerNo one at your front desk even discussed any “facility” possibilities with me. He was incredibly annoyed that we dared have an issue with them kicking us out of our room for 3 hours. And honestly, I just find your response incredibly patronizing. Bottom line, you all are in a good location so you can charge what you want without concern for much else. Obviously, I am not the only one that had had countless issues with this hotel and it’s clear you all have no intention of changing you ways. I’ve read all of your responses to everyone else. It’s laughable. I just wish I would have looked on Yelp before we made the booking. Live and learn…

Remember the theme from Love Story? Humm along with me….Where do I tell a story of a hotel that has been?To share with you the view of hotel days gone badWhere do I start?Let’s look at the hall, the carpets,worn and in some places it is torn,And the walls they too have many strange dark marks..Why are they there….?There must have been a dayWhen this hotel had beauty and something to sayThose days are gone.There’s mold around the tub,The drain won’t drain so one stands soaking in the muck,The walls are cracked and paper on it will not stay, Just like floor, it’s tile cracked and broken it can do no more, just like my song.So..Find another place,Do not stay here unless you’re into tacky space,Don’t fall for pictures of the girl that she once was,Her time has passed.

The worst experience! If you decide to stay here think twice ! First room I went to had nothing but water drenched carpet then the next room was full of bed bugs .. next morning I asked for full room service and I come back to this, nothing was clean .. please don’t stay here you’ll regret it!! It’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!!if I could I’d give them a 0 star rating.. to top it off when I was waiting for the elevator and it was full the bell hop said “I’ll give you my spot for 20 bucks” who the f does that!?! No thank you! Shame on you guys!!!

My girlfriend and I stayed here for the night … we were celebrating her birthday. We were assigned on the 18 th floor , had a good view of the city , had comfy beds, espresso machine , small refrigerator and modest bathroom. Luckily assigned to a descent room. The hotel lobby is pleasurable but as we walked to our floor lobby, I could sense that hotel needs a brush off and update . Our room is smaller in living space comparing to other hotel I had been to. I liked their breakfast to go for a fee offer, has the option to stay and eat in the breakfast bar or in the lobby. Staff is welcoming and pleasant. The location is on the heart of Times Square and very convenient to everything.

Ok, I feel like this review is not even necessary by looking at the previous ones and the fact that the manager owns up everything that is being said. This hotel is old, nasty, and dingy. There is a deep odor in the room. The corridors are depressing. Even the TV, whatever streaming they have is slow so it gets stuck. Great location, needless to say, fine experience checking in and out and the concierge. You don’t really need much at a city hotel where all you do is sleep, change, and use the bathroom. Is it OK? May be if you paid a motel price yes, but when entire NYC is sold out and you pay $500 for this room, one can do nothing but complain about what that money plus the obnoxious NYC city tax gets you in Midtown. Honestly, move away from Midtown altogether and just walk or take the metro if you can.

1 star for convenience of location. Walking distance to Central Park (10 minutes), Times Square (5-10 minutes), and Empire State Building (15-20 minutes). Minus 1 star for dirtiness in the hotel that is NOT the lobby. This place is nasty, broken, and just NOT worth the $200+ a night. Minus 3 stars for how RUDE THEY ALL ARE… Maybe it’s a New York thing but they don’t treat their guest right. Check in employees are ESPECIALLY EXTRA rude people trying to check in and they will ignore you so they don’t have to help you out and have their coworker help you instead. (It backfired on mean looking Adam)

Very outdated rooms unless you buy rooms starting with floor 18 and up as an upgrade.Otherwise it looks like they are stuck in 70’sNot friendly front desk personnel Cleanliness- look at the pictures that i posted! Rip off with mandatory fees like wi-fi business center and a water bottle for $30 a day- again mandatory!!! WTF?Even holiday inns have all that included in room price? Plus I don’t need that why am i charged for it at the check in????Location is the only thing that gives them the right to do all of the above and still be sold out.

NEGATIVE 5 STAR RATING! PLEASE DON’T SPEND YOUR WELL EARNED MONEY HERE!!!Let me start my stating that from the moment we arrived to attempt to check in I was disrespected by an older Filipino female. I called when we first landed because it was 10am, I was told we could check in starting at 1pm. When we arrived to the hotel the Filipino female was rude, she made me feel stupid and told me that check in was at 4pm and rudely explained that I was going to be charged extra for whatever reason. I was too upset to ask questions, I let it go but I did speak with the manager about her “customer service” and was told that she would be spoken to. The room, WOW!! Complete TRASH! Never did I mention that I needed a wheelchair accessible room/bathroom. The bathroom had no tub!! It was all flooring. I will attach pictures of this disgusting room. The walls were molding in the bathroom. The room was old and worn down (nothing like the website pictures show!), FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!! Bed was super cheap, the bed springs were felt through the bed sheets, bedsheets didn’t even fit the bed! The heater did work, it only gave out cold AC air. The walls were so thin! I have never been to a hotel that has such paper thin walls! I was woken up around 3am the first night by the couple that was staying next to us, the were having LOUD sex. It went on for a good hour, even after that they were TALKING, no yelling but TALKING and I could clearly hear their conversation because the walls are so thin!! I spoke again to the same manager that morning and requested to be moved. The room we were moved to was slightly better. It actually had a tub, but when I showered the water didn’t go down the drain and i showered with dirty water half way up my leg the remainder of my stay. The last night some kind of party was happening in one of the rooms. I did call securety, they told them to quiet down. The guests ended up POUNDING on our wall. I will NEVER stay here again, I recommend that no one does. I unfortunately spent $1,400 for dates 09/09-09/15. I wish I could get a complete refund from the worst stay I’ve even had in a hotel, this price that we paid was bullshit for the service we received. AVOID THIS HOTEL AT ALL COSTS!!!

This was after they changed the first room to another room because 1st was was filthy and disgusting , I would rather pay another 200 or 300 to get something worth while I can not sleep from how disgusting it is , also very bad aroma in the room stinks ,!!! Bathroom absolutely gross I want to vomit Do Nottttttt Recommend !!!!!!!!!!

The lobby is beautiful. It ends there, the hallway was a dingy unclean entrance to a room from 1968. I was really upset with the sad state of my hotel room. When I went to the front desk, I was told this was an upgrade because the room was bigger and on the top floor. They offered no other help. Wow,and as I wright this I just saw a potato chip under my bed left my the cleaning staff.

I was going to give it 3 stars, then 2, and finally 1. Simply put, the pros do not outweigh the cons and I’m not staying here again. Pros (ish):- The room itself was all right (the bed was comfortable at least)- The water refill station (by the ice machines) is nice and sustainable- Convenient location- The staff were friendly ish, although I had higher expectations for this hotel- In-room safe was large enough for laptopsCons: – The bathroom was tiny – The rooms and hallways really need to be updated/renovated- My room key stopped working halfway through my visit, so I had to take the [slow] elevator all the way back to the lobby from the 19th floor- On that note, not enough elevators (or they’re super slow) to cover that many floors- Closet smelled musty – didn’t want to store my clothes in there- Toiletries were meh- etc.Overall, I’ve definitely had better stays in NYC for a similar location and similar prices, so I’ll hit one of those hotels up the next time I’m in town.

Thankfully I found this hotel on Expedia I believe and the price was UNBEATABLE. Seriously, I think we only paid $350 for a two night weekend stay. I booked before really looking at the reviews which was risky, but it wasn’t that bad. I saw the pictures other people had posted and I was really worried but thankfully my room wasn’t that bad. Some of the floors have been renovated but unfortunately I didn’t get a renovated room. It was clean enough, could have been better but again for that price, it was fine. The bathroom was a little weird. Very outdated and wallpaper peeling. This place is going to be incredible though once it’s totally updated (if that’s what they plan on doing I hope) The location of this place however is just amazing. Times Square is right there. So close. There’s a “Starbucks” in the lobby, but it’s not really a Starbucks. Very limited options for drinks. I would definitely stay here again if I get a price even close to as little as I paid for this. Maybe it helped that we only booked like two days before we went? Not sure. Staff was really nice though, and it was pretty convenient that check out wasn’t until 12pm. Also, side note… if for some reason you’re driving in and not taking the train or cab in… just know that parking is like $50 a day.

After checking into their executive suites for $550 a night we wake up to mold in the shower dirty and bugs in the bathroom, tables nightstands had glass on them and underneath the glass the dirt was thick. The most horrible experience. Staff was arrogant and did not care at all. Upon check-in we were a half hour early and they would not ck us unless we paid them additional $50. How ludicrous after being charged $1100 for 2 nites. Left to the Sheraton

Check in was easy and by far the best part of the stay. The elevators are old and slow. I stayed on 15 Flores and it reminded me of The Shining. The halls are long and dim with dirty walls and chipped paint. The carpet is old and dirty with carpet bunched up in different spots. The room was big but old. The door wouldn’t close completely so it had to be slammed shut. I am sure the neighbors loved that. The bed was fine, nothing special. The bathroom was disgusting (see photos) there was mold around the bathtub and on the ceiling. The floor of the tub moved about 2 inches when i stood on it to take a shower. There was some kind of patch work on the tub near the drain. The sink was stained and cracked. The slide the final bill under the door so no need to check out. Leaving in the morning a young family got in the elevator. The child was carrying a school bag and got on a school bus. Think makes me think the hotel is being used as a homeless shelter by NYC. It was not cheap by any means. I will never stay there again. Update: Abel instead of commenting on everyone’s bad reviews fix the problems. There will not be a next time for me.

The rooms and furniture are very outdated. You are paying for the location. It’s average confort and amenities. Oh, let me not forget to mention the reception of the cable or DirectTV service sucks big time!!!!

This hotel is very dated, the pictures posted on their website are not the standard rooms. Carpet is old and buckled in the halls and rooms. The dresser drawers do not close properly and easily fall off the track. The shower head was cracked and was spraying water all over the bathroom. We reported the shower head three times the second time to the manager and was never fixed. The only plus to this hotel is the location.

Do not waste your money. For what we paid we could have stayed at The Sheraton next door. They’re trying to improve their rapidly declining ratings online and I feel for the staff but until they renovate, they don’t deserve better reviews. The images they show on their site are of eitherthe exec suite or are heavily edited, they are misleading and false advertising. You walk into the lobby and it looks nice but as soon as you get in the elevator and enter any hallway, you can see it hasn’t been touched since it was established. Customer service is great and they really try to make you happy but whoever owns this dump needs to renovate it. Walls were peeling, carpets raising, mould on the ceilings, tiles cracked and broken, sinks stained, bathtub flooding each time you try shower, water squirting out the shower head, and the place smelt dingy constantly.Would never ever stay here again.

If it wasn’t for the employees this hotel wouldn’t even get two stars, they are great; Specifically Gloria at the concierge desk and the bell hops.A fresh coat of paint works wonders. update your hotel & adjust all your room doors so they don’t SLAM. Cable doesn’t always work, bathroom smells moldy, shower is squishy! Get rid of the toe-stubbing bathroom thresholds. New mattresses would help as would new carpet. An occasional vacuum of the hallway would be helpful to. Not worth what we paid.Should have shown a family member (who picked the hotel) the reviews on yelp. Would have stayed elsewhere.

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The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel – 378 Photos & 537 …

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