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Here’s Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Rid Of – YouTube

December 9th, 2017 by admin

Just three years ago, New York City residents suffered through a major bed bug crisis. Bed bugs, also known as Cimex lectularius, are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood while you sleep.

“Bed bugs don’t carry diseases, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a public health pest,” Dr. Jim Fredericks of the National Pest Management Association tells us.

Bed bugs leave red, itchy welts on its victims, and they’re also really good at hiding making them extremely difficult to get rid of. Oh, and they also have a genetic resistance to pesticides.

While the bed bug crisis of New York City seems to have calmed down, infestations are still on the rise and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Produced by William Wei and Kamelia AngelovaAdditional Camera by Justin Gmoser


Music:”Locally Sourced” by Jason Farnham”Symphony No.5″ by Beethovenvia the YouTube Audio Library


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Here’s Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Rid Of – YouTube

Bed Bugs Exterminator Manhattan NYC: Manhattan Pest Control

December 7th, 2017 by admin

We welcome you to our pest prevention website! Bedbugs Exterminator Manhattan offers Professional-Quality Residential and Commercial Pest Management and Removal Services for all five boroughs of New York.

Although we specialize in Bedbug Extermination and Prevention, we are fully insured and licensed to offer a variety of pest management solutions. Over the years, Bedbugs Exterminator Manhattan has developed into a regional leader in bedbug prevention and control.

In the last decade, Bedbugs have become an increasingly severe problem in the New York City Area, and nowhere in the city is this problem more apparent than in Manhattan. There are two reasons for this:First, the population density of Manhattan encourages bedbug infestations to spread like wildfire throughout the apartments, condos, and hotels of the city. Although many people assume that bedbugs are only a problem for unkempt hotel rooms and domiciles, the truth is that bedbugs are tiny and resilient creatures that can embed themselves even in the cleanest and most well-kept of environments.

Second, Manhattan is one of the biggest tourist destinations on planet earth. Bedbugs are well known for hitching rides on luggage and in the clothing of travelers. As these tourists and visitors sleep in hotel rooms and travel throughout the city, the bedbugs are going on a tour of the city as well, and have a nasty habit of dispersing wherever these individuals choose to rest.

One of the reasons that our company chooses to feature our bedbug services first and foremost is because we recognize the frustration and difficulty of a bedbug infestation.

Although bedbugs arent the most dangerous pests in the world, they are among the most frustrating. They are difficult to get rid of, because they have evolved to hide from us, only to emerge for feeding while we are deep in sleep. Its not uncommon for individuals with bedbug infestations to wake up with stripes of bedbug bites across their backs, arms, and legs. The bedbug bites dont spread disease, but they leave embarrassing and itchy welts all over the body.

The thought of these tiny beasts crawling and feeding when you sleep often brings feelings of dread and unease. Your bed is supposed to be a place of rest and rejuvenation, but when you have a bedbug infestation, you can completely lose that sense of pleasure from rest.

There are even many cases of insomnia which have been attributed to bedbug infestation. When a bed becomes bedbug ground zero, it can become incredibly difficult to sleep. When you close your eyes, all you think about is how you are going to wake up itchy and covered in marks.

One of the things that make bedbugs so annoying and pervasive is that they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Because of the similarity that the bites have to mosquito bites and flea bites, many people dont realize that they have a bedbug infestation until it becomes severe. Bedbugs have evolved to coexist with humans in their most intimate settings. As a result, they have become incredibly adept at hiding from their hosts, while also becoming deeply embedded.

The only way to get rid of anything more than the most modest of bedbug infestation is an all out approach which should always be performed by a professional or with a professionals guidance and advice.

Bedbugs not only disrupt life at home, but the bloodthirsty pests can also be a major problem for many business owners as well. Whether you are a landlord, a hotel manager, or a member of any other profession which centers on sleep and relaxation, bedbugs can have an incredibly adverse effect on the success of your business.

Once a bedbug infestation reaches a certain level of severity, it can spread very quickly. In a hotel, for example, bedbugs quickly spread from room to room, and all it takes is one tourist with a suitcase full of bedbugs to introduce a severe and problematic infestation.

Nothing will keep a customer from coming back like a bedbug infestation. Nothing will strain the relationship between landlord and tenant like waking up every morning with annoying bedbug bites. In order to preserve the success of your business, it is vitally important to take the necessary steps to prevent bedbug infestation, and also to eliminate such an infestation as quickly as possible.

Bedbugs Exterminator Manhattan has an experienced and highly qualified staff of Bedbug Removal Specialists which use the newest and best techniques and tools available today in order to eliminate your bedbug infestation quickly and effectively.

If you think that you may be suffering from the effects of a bedbug infestation, we guarantee that we provide the most expert service that you can receive in the NYC Area. Feel free to give us a call for a no cost or obligation consultation and quote!

Although we specialize in bedbug extermination, we also provide a number of other pest control services, and our staff is well-trained in the removal of various pests, including roaches, rats, and termites.

We understand how various pest infestations can negatively impact your life at home or the success of your business.

Our imminently qualified staff of pest removal professionals can help you control pests at your home or business, helping you rest easy and maximize the productivity of both you and your employees.

Although Bed Bugs Exterminator Manhattan specializes in the Manhattan Borough, we have affiliate operations in all five Boroughs in New York City. Whether you live or operate a business in Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, we have the logistical capability to serve you quickly and effectively. Its our ultimate goal to become the most sought after and respected pest removal company in the city of New York.

Whether you are having trouble with rats, roaches, or a bedbug infestation, we strongly encourage you to contact our headquarters for a free consultation and quote!

We understand that although you want to get rid of pests in your home, you also want to preserve your health as well. A lot of pest control companies use methods which can have unhealthy implications for customers. Bedbugs Exterminator Manhattan, on the other hand, makes a special effort to ensure that the products and methods we use are simultaneously effective while also being perfectly safe for you, your employees, your customers, or your children.

Our company uses a variety of different tools in order to maximize the effectiveness of our extermination services, included baits, traps, sprays, rodenticides, termiticides, and pesticides. Dependent upon the type and severity of your infestation, we may use any number of other tools in our efforts to serve you as well.

In addition to providing our services explicitly as pest exterminators, we also provide training classes in order to help you learn how to pest-proof your home more effectively. We love your business, but we also recognize that the less often you have to call us, the happier that you will be. Its simply the nature of our business. The motto of our pest management courses is DIY Pest Control and Extermination.

In our special courses, we provide you with the information and training that you need to minimize the risk of pest infestation. We also provide our guidance and recommendation regarding how to actually treat minor pest control problems yourself. We explain which pest control products are most effective, and we can also arrange to deliver these products straight to the doorstep of your home or business.

We provide pest control services all over Manhattan as well as all other boroughs of New York City proper. We aspire to be the most trusted and respected pest management service provider in the five boroughs, and we are certain that if you give us a call, you simply wont be disappointed.

Bedbugs Exterminator Manhattan provides superior service for competitive prices. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or manufacturing facility, we have the talents and tools to serve you quickly and effectively. Our exterminators take pride in their work, performing their services both thoroughly and efficiently. We employ no one but the most consummate professionals, and we know you wont be disappointed.

Theres no reason to take a chance when you have a pest control problem. Pest infestations are frequently far more invasive and widespread than you realize, and resorting to dimestore solutions to your pest infestation can blow up in your face. Although you may think youve solved your problem, in fact, you may have only driven their roots deeper and made them resistant to your meager efforts. If you see the signs of a significant pest control problem, dont hesitate to call.

Every week that you wait makes the problem worse and worse.Just call us and make an appointment. We make a special effort to make sure that we provide the best service possible.

This means that we will show up on time and prepared to tackle your problem as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our pest management specialists are thoughtful, caring, and experienced, and will take the necessary means to eliminate your pest problem, while also using their knowledge to help you take steps to minimize the risk of re-infestation.

Dont Wait! Call Today!

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Bed Bugs Exterminator Manhattan NYC: Manhattan Pest Control

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? | Live Examples of What Bed …

November 30th, 2017 by admin

What do bed bugs look like? If you need examples of what bed bugs look like to the human eye, this video provides great examples. This footage captures them in some of their natural habitats. If you need great tips on how to get rid of bed bugs yourself, take a look at my other video:…

Bed bugs are wingless insects with brown flat shaped bodies. They are sometimes confused with wood ticks. If you are searching for pictures of what they look like, there are a few different answers. This is because their appearance will change after they feed on blood. Their color changes to a darker reddish-purple color and their bodies fill out into a larger shape. The footage in this video is extremely valuable because seeing live examples of what bed bugs look like is much more helpful than looking at enlarged pictures.…

Creative Commons “Rise of the Bed Bug” by Kelly Mercer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What do younger bed bugs and eggs look like? Juvenile bed bugs look like a smaller version of an adult. However, to the human eye, it is more difficult to observe their features. They will also retain more of clear color (even after feeding on blood). It is also common to find their empty shells as they grow and change stages. You will see what bed bug eggs look like in the video above.…

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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? | Live Examples of What Bed …

Early Signs of Bed Bugs | Healthfully

October 25th, 2017 by admin

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown pests that feed on human and animal blood. They often lurk in bed linens and bed frames. Mostly dormant during the day, at night, bed bugs come out of their hiding spots to feast on sleeping humans. If you suspect you have a bed-bug problem, look for the bed bugs at night, as the bugs are very good at hiding during the day.

Red, bumpy or itchy skin is one of the earliest symptoms of bed bugs. Bed-bug bites are generally red, with a darker red color in the center, and are often clustered or lined up near one another. The bites are most often on the hands, face, neck and arms. Unfortunately, bed bug bites look like most other insect bites, so it is hard to tell whether your home has bed bugs without noticing a couple other symptoms.

While foul odors are not always present when bed bugs have embedded themselves into your home, a musty, sweet, “buggy” smell does often accompany an extreme infestation. These odors are from secretions created in the glands of bed bugs.

Small brown spots on bed linens are a sign of bed bugs; bed bug fecal matter is typically in the seams of sheets as well as on mattresses and the walls near an infested bed. The spots can be hard and look bumpy, or can take on the appearance of a stain from a dark-colored marker.

Bed bugs molt five times before becoming adults, leaving behind empty, transparent, light-brown exoskeletons that look like empty bed bugs. Each exoskeleton becomes progressively bigger as bed bugs age; adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed.

Small smears of blood on your sheets is a telltale sign of a bed-bug problem. These smears occur when you accidentally crush an engorged bed bug while you are sleeping.

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Early Signs of Bed Bugs | Healthfully

Manhattan Bed Bug Map | Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island

October 22nd, 2017 by admin

Manhattan is the lynchpin of New York City, and is one of the busiest and most culturally relevant places in the entire world. Manhattan has a permanent population of over 1.5 million people, making it the third most populous borough in New York City, but it is by far the most densely populated borough, and one of the most densely populated areas of the entire world. Those 1.5 million people all live on a landmass of only 23 square miles.

New York City was originally settled on the southernmost tip of Manhattan Island, and has now grown to encompass 303 square miles of land.

Manhattan Island was originally home to the entirety of New York City, but the city expanded quickly over the past two centuries.

In 1898, the residents of what are now the boroughs of New York came together to vote to consolidate their interests, and Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens voted to consolidate with Manhattan into the modern New York City.

Times Square is the name of the intersection which meets at Seventh Avenue and Broadway. This is the busiest pedestrian intersection in the entire world, and it is estimated that over 300,000 people pass Times Square on a daily basis. Times Square is most well-known for its annual New Years Celebration, when the Times Square Ball drops to ring in the New Year.

Times Square is the headquarters of a number of different media entities, and is widely considered the center of the entertainment world. Times Square is the most popular tourist attraction in the entire world, seeing almost forty million visitors per year.

Central Park is an 840 acre urban park in the heart of Manhattan. Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1873 and is the most highly visited park in the United States.

The beautifully designed park is the most popular place in Manhattan to rest and relax, and is also surrounded by a number of amazing museums such as the Guggenheim Museum, as well as a number of other popular tourist destinations. Central Park provides a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, rock climbing, and bird watching.

Wall Street is the most important financial and banking district in the world, and is home to a number of important national and international trading markets, including the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. Wall Street itself stretches over eight blocks between South Street and Broadway.

The financial firms based on Wall Street are a powerful economic force for the United States, employing upwards of 200,000 citizens. It is estimated that the jobs on Wall Street account for fully one-fourth of the income generated by the city, and over ten percent of the tax revenue.

Broadway represents a collection of forty large theaters located in New Yorks theater district, and is the largest and most important theatrical center in the English-speaking world, save for perhaps the West End theaters of London.

Broadway generates over one billion dollars of ticket sales per year, with a yearly attendance of over ten million patrons.

The plays on Broadway feature many of the most world-renowned actors in the world, and a number of well-regarded Hollywood actors continue to star in Broadway productions in addition to their Hollywood careers.

Where Broadway is synonymous with theater and Wall Street is synonymous with finance, Madison Avenue is considered one of the foremost advertising centers in the United States. A number of advertising firms, including Doyle Dane Bernbach and Young & Rubicam, are located on Madison Avenue.

The most popular tourist attraction on Madison Avenue is Madison Square Garden, the home of the New York Knicks and the Big East Basketball tournament, which also hosts a large number of other athletic functions in addition to concerts and a variety of popular conventions.

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Manhattan Bed Bug Map | Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island

Are Bed Bugs in the Walls? | The Bed Bug Inspectors

October 20th, 2017 by admin

With the seemingly unstoppable spread of bed bugs, especially the rapid pace in which infestations expand in apartment buildings, hotels, dorms and schools, many wonder if there are bed bugs in the walls, making it easy for them to move from location to location.

Two Perspectives on the Bed Bugs in the Walls Debate

While its common knowledge that there may very well be bed bugs in the walls when a structure is infested, there is still debate as to if this is the origin of the infestation and/or the primary cause of the infestation spreading to other locations. One family who moved into a new apartment and got bed bugs believed that they came into their home from being transferred on clothing and furniture. Of course, that can also be true.

The University of Kentucky, in its research, both agrees and disagrees with the idea that bed bugs in the walls are a primary way they spread. In their research on how bed bugs originate, they noted the following:

The bugs are efficient hitchhikers and are usually transported in on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture, and other items. This is a particular problem for hotels, motels and apartments, where turnover of occupants is constant. Bed bugs are small, cryptic and agile, escaping detection after crawling into suitcases, boxes and belongings. The eggs are especially tiny and are usually overlooked. Acquiring secondhand beds, couches and furniture is another way that the bugs are transported into previously non-infested dwellings. Bed bugs also can be carried in on a persons clothing or shoes, resulting in an infestation.

Yet, they do not rule out the use of walls as a means of bed bugs spreading out throughout a building. Their research also concluded, Once bed bugs are introduced, they often spread throughout a building. The bugs can travel from room to room or floor to floor either by crawling or via a person. And, because there may be cracks and crevices in walls, it makes sense to think that they can hide out here and also avoid some bed bug treatments this way. Eventually, they will come out and seek beds and other areas, so it is important to re-inspect and re-treat those areas as well as inspecting any used furniture and other items like suitcases before bringing these items into a new location in case you are inadvertently transporting hitchhiking bed bugs.

In SummaryIn debating how bed bugs spread, this blog post noted the following points:

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Are Bed Bugs in the Walls? | The Bed Bug Inspectors

Bed bugs | United Federation of Teachers

October 4th, 2017 by admin

If a bed bug is found on a child, should I isolate the child or send him or her home?

No. Bed bugs are not known to cause or transmit disease and the risk of person-to-person transference in school is very low. No child should be isolated or removed from a classroom setting. It is important to remember that bed bugs can resemble other insects and that many bed bugs submitted for identification are not, in fact, bed bugs.

No. If it is a bed bug, it is likely that it was unknowingly brought it into the school by someone who encountered it in another place. If you have captured it, you may have already eliminated the problem. Additionally, many suspected bed bugs are not bed bugs at all. You should send the captured specimen to the DOE Pest Management Unit for identification by following the protocol described in the DOEs Bed Bug Information Kit.

The DOE Pest Management professional will inspect and, if necessary, treat the room in which the specimen was captured. In most cases, a thorough inspection and vacuuming of the room with a HEPA vacuum by the Pest Management Unit professional is the best treatment when there is not an infestation. If the Pest Management Professional determines that there is an infestation (bed bugs living and reproducing in the room), the rooms above, below and adjacent to the infested room will be inspected and treated as necessary.

Parents of students in the entire building must be notified if there is an infestation, according to state law. An infestation is identified by bed bug reproduction in a given area. A single confirmed bed bug does not constitute an infestation. A DOE Pest Management professional must inspect the school and determine whether there is an infestation. Schools are not a friendly environment for bed bugs and the chance of an infestation is low. If it is determined that your school is infested, the Pest Management Unit will provide notification materials to share with parents and building staff.

Learn to identify the signs of bed bugs (visit the Health Departments website or call 311 for additional information). Frequently inspect your rooms; if you see signs of bed bugs, report them immediately. If you capture a suspected specimen, submit it to the DOE Pest Management Unit following the procedures outlined in the beginning of this kit. Check your furniture frequently for bed bugs, especially chairs and couches. Get rid of clutter to reduce places in which bed bugs can hide and discard anything that is not being used. Seal cracks and crevices, and vacuum periodically. Consider removing rugs.

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Bed bugs | United Federation of Teachers

FAQ: Is this a bed bug? (photos of creatures mistaken for …

September 24th, 2017 by admin

There are several creatures commonly mistaken for bed bugs by people who have not seen bed bugs or havent seen different life stages of bed bugs.

Booklice (a type of psocid) are often confused for bed bug nymphs:

Photo courtesy of LieutenantDan.

An anonymous Bedbugger helpfully recommended this military fact sheet (click for a PDF) on book lice with helpful identification tips (hint: booklice have a large protuberance on the front of their heads).

Spider Beetles are often confused for adult bed bugs:

Photo courtesy of Lou Sorkin.

The presence of these creatures may mean you do not have bed bugs. In some cases, it may also mean you have bed bugs and something else, and just have not seen the bed bugs yet.

To determine if you also have bed bugs, click here to see photos of bed bugs and signs of bed bugs.

Got other imposters to add? Click below to leave a comment and link to a photo of the culprit!

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FAQ: Is this a bed bug? (photos of creatures mistaken for …

United States, Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug Infestation …

September 20th, 2017 by admin

Although bed bugs are typically thought to be a household pest, they can hitchhike with people to their places of employment. In fact, a 2015 Bugs Without Borders surveyby NPMA found that 45% of pest control professionals have encountered bed bugs in office buildings. Here are the NPMAs tips to prevent bringing bed bugs home from the workplace: Check outour other tips for preventing bed bugs in different settings: Continue reading

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Tips for Bed Bugs in the Office: Advice on Bed Bugs at …

ATLANTA Cities across the U.S. are trying to encourage the homeless to find beds of their own, not just a cot for the night. Continue reading

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Homeless wary as Atlanta closes its last-resort shelter | News … – The Philadelphia Tribune

ATLANTA (AP) Cities across the U.S. are trying to encourage the homeless to find beds of their own, not just a cot for the night. In theory, no one should stay in a shelter very long. Continue reading

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Homeless wary as Atlanta closes its last-resort shelter – CT Post

Posted: Aug. 25, 2017 8:00 am Updated: Aug. 25, 2017 3:30 pm ATLANTA (AP) Cities across the U.S. Continue reading

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Homeless wary as Atlanta closes its last-resort shelter – New Jersey … – New Jersey Herald

WASHINGTON, DC Mosquitoes might not be the only nasty, pesky, biting bugs for folks in the D.C. Continue reading

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Bed Bug Infestations Earn DC National Ranking –

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United States, Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug Infestation …

Marvel Superheroes Who Basically Only Protect New York City, Ranked – Kotaku Australia

August 21st, 2017 by admin

The New York City of the Marvel universe is teeming with heroes, being home to everyone from Steve Rogers to Peter Parker. With four of those famous New Yorkers teaming up on the small screen in The Defenders, we decided to rank the finest inhabitants of the comic book Big Apple.

Image: Marvel Comics/TSR. Marvel Superheroes RPG: New York, New York supplement cover.

Given the vast number of heroes that operate on Earth-616’s NYC and we mean vast, we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands we decided to lay some ground rules before forming our final list. First, these heroes have to spend the majority of their superhero careers actively in New York City. It isn’t just that they live there, or have their headquarters there, but they actively fight bad guys there, instead of flinging their way around the world like the Avengers do. Second, they operate within the five boroughs of the city: Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, which rules out Kamala Khan in New Jersey (let’s be honest, she’d probably be pissed a being called a New Yorker), and the X-Men, whose mansion up until recently was based in Westchester, outside of the city.

So, without further ado, a comprehensive ranking on the best heroes swinging around in Marvel’s NYC, based on the very scientific notion of New-Yorkiness.

There is literally nothing more New York than a clan of misfits with strange abilities who find their chosen family after being rejected by the dominant culture and build their own society in the dark, dark tunnels of the MTA subway system. There are people who ride the subway because they have to, and then there are the Morlocks who are the the subway not in form, but rather concept. They’re scrappy and downtrodden and broken, but also powerful and a reflection of both the good and the evil of the harsh world that lives above them.

The New Warriors’ most infamous moment might have occured outside of the five boroughs that time their reality TV show lead to hundreds of lives being lost and the start of the superhero Civil War in Stamford, Conneticut but for much of its time actively crimefighting, the team called Brooklyn and Manhattan their home, supporting the myriad other heroes who called the city home. Being known for blowing up part of another town dings your New York cred a bit though.

In-between bouts of being dead or being insane, Marc Spector has spent most of his second career in crimefighting on the streets of New York as Moon Knight (with some stints in LA for the West Coast Avengers) since settling down after a career as a mercenary. In fact, Spector built multiple personas, from a high-rising Manhattanite financier to a lowly cab driver, to help him fight crime on the streets of the city. So you might argue that he’s almost three times the New Yorker than everyone else! But that’s not how it works.

For the vast majority of their careers as heroes, the Fantastic Four lived in the Baxter Building, a gargantuan sky scraper ever-so-conveniently located on the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue. The Foursome are “New Yorkers” in a sense that they own(ed) a ridiculously expensive piece of real estate that was more a statement about who they were as opposed to what they could do for the city. Add that to the fact that they spend almost as much time in outer space messing around with Galactus as they do actually enjoying all that NYC has to offer, they’re sort of low on the list. To their credit, though, they are responsible for having saved the world (and city by extension) more than a few times. Then again, who hasn’t?

Clint Barton’s early life might have been spent in a travelling circus, but once he quit that, joined the costumed villain game, quit that, and then joined the costumed heroes game (it’s a long story), Clint’s made a home for himself in and around NYC while working alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Hell, in the excellent Matt Fraction/David Aja Hawkeye comic series, he even bought out his own apartment building to maintain rent levels for all the residents, so he’s technically a New York landlord who just also happens to be very good with a bow.

Silk is relatively new on the hero scene, having been introduced in the pages of Spider-Verse a few years ago as the alias of Cindy Moon, the other person bitten by Peter Parker’s radioactive spider. But she’s a life-long New Yorker. Outside of some parallel world Spider-adventures, Cindy hasn’t really left the city… although part of that is because she spent 13 years of her young life locked up in a bunker in Times Square, being protected from a race of interdimensional, Spider-Person-eating vampire monsters. In fact, it’s kind of impressive she managed to stay in the city and come to terms with her trauma over being trapped there after being freed.

There is no character in Marvel’s comics who better embodies the complicated, dark, and at-times terrifying id of New York City than Frank Castle. To flat out call the Punisher a hero, villain or anti-hero is to misunderstand just what it is to be a person devastated by a loss so profound that their world falls apart on a fundamental level. Frank’s approach to justice is a dangerous and threatening one (even with his code), but at the same time, his feelings are understandable in undeniable ways. Frank is, quite literally, the product of what one very, very bad day in NYC can do to a person, which makes him both a tragic figure and a proof that even at a person’s lowest lows, there’s always a way to hang on.

Danny Rand’s spent a lot of time outside of NY thanks to years of training to become the Immortal Iron Fist in the magical city of K’un Lun. But when he isn’t in the mystical world of living weapons and ancient dragons, he’s best known as one of Marvel’s premiere street-level heroes, both in the Defenders and as a Hero for Hire alongside his best friend, Luke Cage, keeping the streets of New York safe with his magical martial arts. Also, he runs a dojo.

At this point a lot of Spider-People call New York home, but Jessica Drew has lived in the city as both a costumed superhero and a private investigator, after the early days of her career saw her globe-trot across Europe and eventually move to San Francisco. Since then, though, Manhattan has been Jess’ home through thick and thin, from crime-fighting base to the hectic city where she’s currently raising her newborn son.

As Miles Morales has adjusted to his new life in Marvel’s primary comic book universe where Peter Parker is still alive, he’s proven that in many ways, he is the modern personification of all the things that Spider-Man once represented in his younger years. As Peter Parker’s grown up, gotten married, and had a kid (in certain continuities), Spider-Man’s trials and tribulations have gradually become textured by his adulthood and rightfully so. What Miles brings to the table, though, is a fresh take on the youthful wonder and heroism that Spider-Man always stood for, now updated to speak to a broader, more diverse audience like the melting pot that is the city he lives in.

It isn’t just that Miles is Afro-Puerto Rican himself, it’s that the world he lives in his friends, family and surroundings is objectively more expansive and inclusive than Peter’s was when he was Miles’ age, and there’s an importance to that that can’t be understated. Also, Miles’ powers and costumes are cooler.

Patsy Walker may be responsible for having brought literal demons from Hell to New York on more than one occasion, but honestly, the demons are the only people she should be apologising to. Patsy’s spent her fair share of time living in a couple of the city’s boroughs, but in her most recent series, she really made a point of living like a real New Yorker (albeit in Brooklyn). The things that made Hellcat! AKA Patsy Walker such a fun series to read weren’t just Patsy’s kooky, kick-arse shenanigans, but the way that she lived her civilian life searching for a roommate, hanging out with friends, flirting with guys all while taking full advantage of the city. Also, you’ve got to hand it to her for having a villain whose primary power was to summon bed bugs as part of her odd rogue’s gallery.

Misty Knight is the kind of NYPD officer that you want to show up when you need help. Not just because she has a badarse vibranium arm, but because her sense of justice has been forged and tempered by her experience as a full-on superhero. Most city cops that you meet have a deep and abiding love for their cities and Misty does as well, but her perspective and understanding is immeasurably more expansive because of the life she’s led away from the force.

Although the movies have recast Steve as a Brooklyn boy, in the comics, he grew up in Manhattan and although technically a good chuck of his life after becoming Captain America during the war saw him living outside the city (as a block of ice in the North Atlantic), when he returned to help found the Avengers, Steve found himself back in his beloved city soon enough, helping establish the team’s first headquarters right on Fifth Avenue. His time as an Avenger has seen Steve travel the world, but as the superpowered face of American liberty, his heart will always been in New York.

Shame about the fascism, though. Points off for that.

Janet van Dyne doesn’t get enough credit for the role that she played in helping the original Avengers become the team that they are today. Sure, Janet’s the one who came up with their name, but more importantly, she was the moral centre of the team who helped it weather all manner of challenges that plagued them, be an attack from Ultron or a family dispute from within the team. Even as her fellow Avengers dart all over the world, Janet still remains rooted in the city where it all began, starting her own business and now looking after the next generation of the Wasp in the form of budding young scientist Nadia Pym.

Cloak and Dagger’s destinies were forged in New York, when the two runaways found each other and went through hell being forcefully put through a dangerous drug program that turned them into dark-and-light-powered superheroes. Since then, they have fought back against city’s illegal drug industry that gave them their powers, and otherwise teamed up with countless other heroes and teams in New York. This includes during Manhattan’s recent entrapment in the Darkforce Dimension in Secret Empire, throughout which Dagger painfully provided light to the city at the cost of nearly killing herself.

Sam Wilson grew up in Harlem, and a tragic upbringing in the borough that saw him lose both of his parents as a young man set him on a path that would ultimately see him collide with Steve Rogers and become his erstwhile companion, the Falcon. Years by Steve’s side ultimately lead Sam to take on the Captain America mantle himself granted by an ailing, super-serum-drained Steve after Sam nearly sacrificed himself saving New York from being destroyed by a bomb. Sam decided to differentiate himself from Steve’s career as Cap by being a more socially-minded hero, starting in his home city.

Jessica Jones always knew that being superhero was for the birds and, like her partner Luke Cage, understood the importance of being able to capitalise on her god-given skills in order to pay her bills. As a private detective, Jessica’s used her powers to help the people of New York in immediate, appreciable ways that other heroes seldom do, and that’s a very big deal.

Sure, the folks up in Avengers Tower have saved the world countless times, but there comes a point at which the adventures of heroes kind of lose their meaning for regular people on the ground. If you asked a random person on the subway in Marvel’s 616 universe who Ultron was, there’s a chance they might be aware of “that robot the Avengers are always scrapping with”. But if you were to check out Alias Investigation’s Yelp page, you’d probably see countless posts from people who were once in desperate need of help that neither the authorities or most well-known capes bothered to take seriously. That’s what makes Jessica a hero in the truest sense of the word.

Let’s say one day you suddenly developed superpowers after a freak chemical spill and decided to become a superhero. Let’s say that rather than spending time learning how to control your newfound ability to lift incredible amounts of weight with your breath, you threw yourself into the fray, stopped a bunch of criminals, and accidentally caused millions of dollars in property damage that the city council decides to sue you for. You know who’d have your back in court and probably be able to convince a jury to let you off with a warning and some community service? She-Hulk, that’s who. For all of the good that Jennifer Walters has done as hero fighting alongside the Avengers, it’s her work as an NYC lawyer that really makes her stand out as one of Marvel’s most versatile and giving heroes.

Howard the Duck is every single oddball you’ve ever bumped into in New York, made eye contact with, and had an immediate and tacit understanding that you’re both going through some shit. As a character, Howard’s whole schtick has always been about pulling back from the present events of one’s life and taking the time to appreciate how incredibly weird life can be. It’s an outlook on life that we could all stand to have more often than not and it makes him one of NYC’s better, uh, duck… people… things.

Hell’s Kitchen’s perennial defender, Matt Murdock and his home neighbourhood are deeply intertwined in a way so few other heroes can claim. They can say they protect a city, but Hell’s Kitchen is Daredevil’s turf, and the Marvelverse knows it. Sure, he’s taken extended periods of time away from the city, most notably to live in San Francisco a few times, but eventually, Matt Murdock always returns to Hell’s Kitchen, whether it’s as a lawyer or as the man without fear.

Up until very recently, the entirety of New York City was trapped in the Darkforce dimension thanks to Hydra’s evil plan to divide and conquer the world’s heroes. Though there were many sacrifices made in an attempt to break through the Darkforce bubble and save millions of innocent people, none was quite as great as Dr Stephen Strange offering to trade his New York brownstone to a demon in exchange for a powerful spell that almost managed to break through the barrier. Ultimately, it didn’t work out and Strange kept his home, but his willingness to part with it in the first place is telling. Like many of Marvel’s other heavy hitters, Strange spends a sizeable amount of time away from NYC as his duties require him to, but Strange’s appreciation for the city, its people and its real estate is admirable.

Remember when we said few heroes were so closely rooted to their home area like Daredevil is? Luke Cage is one of the few heroes who not only matches Matt, but trumps him. Luke’s connection to Harlem and its people, starting from his life as an ex-con trying to blend in to its protector as the Power Man, is a bond that’s even stronger than his friendship with his fellow hero for hire, Danny Rand. In the Marvel universe, Luke is a symbol of Harlem’s spirit, a man who’s willing to do anything to help its people, a community he has always been fiercely protective of.

It’s hard to think of a more quintessentially New York hero than Peter Parker. From his early days in Forest Hills to today, where he runs his global megacorp from the Baxter Building itself, Peter Parker is rooted in the beating heart of New York City in a way almost no one else in Marvel’s vast pantheon of heroes ever has been, or really, ever will be someone who knows it in and out like the back of his spandex-covered hand. In his entire superhero career he’s barely ever lived outside of the city, and his goal as a hero has always been to protect the civilians that call it home. Spider-Man is far more comfortable on the streets of New York than he is in any other environment, even if he’s mostly swinging above them but he will always be New York’s finest champion.

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An update today from BioWare confirmed that Mass Effect. Andromeda will indeed not be getting any new content. Kotaku reported as much back in late June, when sources familiar with BioWare’s plans said that Andromeda would receive no single-player DLC, a huge departure from every previous game in the series.

Update #1. That was quick. According to Microsoft Australia’s online store, the Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio’ is already out of stock.

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